Just like most websites, we use cookies too. These cookies can be arranged in different categories and on this page we will explain which cookies we use and for what purpose.

Functional cookies

These cookies are needed in order for a good working website. Without these, you can't, for example, log in, remember preferences or even remember if you have accepted cookies or not. These kind of cookies are always needed and will always be used.

Analytical cookies

In order to better understand how our website is used and how we can improve it, we use Matomo . This is an open source alternative for Google Analytics, which, moreover, we run in-house. Therefore, nobody but us has access to this data.

Advertisement cookies

Although we aren't fans of ads ourself, they are an important source of income for us and make it possible that the website stays complete and up to date and in addition free of charge. But more important, this allows us to stay independent . We use Google Adsense for our advertisements. This means Google determines which advertisement is shown, not us. They make use of two types of ads: personal and non-personal advertisements. The advantage of personalised ads is that they better match your interests and it prevents you from seeing the same ads too often. However this does require tracking cookies . If you don't want this, you can turn it off and you will get non-personalised ads instead.

Completely ads free

If you would like to use our site without advertisements and thus tracking cookies, you can also opt for a subscription . There are two types of subscriptions: a Supporter and a Plus type. Both will give you an ads free website.