There are no MSP’s or CPO’s with a direct or indirect interest in nor can they influence their position on the site. We ourselves decide which provider gets on the list, with a rule of thumb that it should be worth mention it and have some added value for the EV driver. With all providers we have the same arrangements, what makes that we don’t have any benefits from positioning a certain provider higher. The amount of the CPS fee we receive does’n influence the position either. We do not only provide a top 10, but a complete overview of all providers out there. Of course we also list providers with services that cannot directly be ordered via In contrast to some other sites, it is not possible to buy content or positions. Our independence is our most valuable possession and one we cherish.

Business model and independence

We offer our services free for visitors. Charge Point Operators (CPO’s) and Mobility Service Providers (MSP’s) don’t pay us to get a better listing. With roughly 150 providers that are compared, is the most complete comparison site for charging cards, apps and keys. For the construction and maintenance of al this data, money is needed. We try to gather this money in four ways.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

CPS means that a provider pays a certain amount after a charging card is ordered or requested by a visitor. For every visitor that orders a charging card via us, we ask a fee from the provider. This allows us to provide our services for free and to make the world of charging cards more transparent. Where possible we try to give a part of this amount back to our visitors in the form of a discount in order to maximize the advantage for the community and to accelerate the energy transition.


Showing ads allows us to stay independent and to keep working on the site and the content. The ads are provide by Google Adsense. We provide Google the space on the site, they provide the ads themselves. We therefore have very little control over the ads that are displayed (we can only filter out categories that should not be displayed). This contributes to our independence.


Registered users can also choose to get one of our subscriptions plans for an ads free site and access to extra features. For more information see our subscription plan section


Companies or organisations can sponsor us, both financial of in kind. Although there are no sponsorships yet, we are open for different kinds of sponsorship deals where we could put your logo in our newsletter for example. Of course we will not do any concessions to our core values like independence, user friendliness of our site and the fact that we put our visitors first.


Donations are always welcome of course. Besides the appreciation that goes with it for our work, it helps us to make the platform even greater. Donations are possible via Paypal or by wire transfer to our Triodos bank account: NL07 TRIO 0379 4689 56.