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If you have any questions about driving electric or a certain electric car? Or do you experience problems with charging or requesting a charging point? Please contact the Dutch national EV service desk of the Vereniging Elektrisch Rijders (Dutch Association of EV Drivers) You’ll receive a response within one business day.
For general questions you can send an email to This email address can also be used to upload invoices from MPS’s, for instance after a request in one of our newsletters or if you have found a failure with one of the providers.
Pay attention! We regular receive emails with questions like ‘How long will it take to receive charging card X?’ or ‘Why haven’t I received an invoice for charging card Y yet?’ For these types of questions about the providers on our front page we would like to refer to our Need help? page or the contact details of the provider themselves. Unfortunately we cannot give any substantive support on charging cards, because that would cost to much of our time. However if you prefer a personal consult, please contact us for an appointment or prices.

For MSP’s or CPO’s

To inform us about any changes, like a new logo or other administrative details, please contact our update team.
For this you can send an email to:

Business support

For business we offer personal consults for requesting charging card or optimising the use of different providers. With our advises and tooling you, as a driver, fleet manager or mediator can quickly save up to € 50,- per car per month on your charging costs.
Use our intake form for a obligation free quick scan. You quickly receive an insight in your savings potential on your charging costs.
Of course it always possible to send an email as well to

Prices and VAT

All prices and tariffs on this website are include VAT, calculated with the percentages of the country of origin.

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