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Italian pre-paid provider wich works also at many small French networks. Does also work on Newmotion and Allego.

General website: EVWay
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Supported countries
Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom
>80% coverage in
Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy
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Type of plan
Unknown subscription fee, no connection fee.
In whole Europe except France and Italy you charge AC for €0,10/minute and DC €0,36/ kWh | In Italy and France: €0,44/kWh AC and DC. Watch out for very high fine-tariffs up to €10,- per hour after 2 hours of DC connection. DC tariffs also apply at Ionity, if your car can handle high charging speeds this means you can lower your rates significantly.
Average price per 200kWh*
€ 108,00 (Based on 200 kWh)
AC €0,10 per minute, DC €0,36 / kWh.
AC charging < 22kW is expensive.
Charging advice
The payment system works with pre-paid packages of 25, 60 and 120 EUR wich get refilled everytime you empty them. DC not very expensive outside Italy or Spain.
This charge card has not support for &Charge yet
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European networks
Hubject, Gireve, E-clearing
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Innogy Ionity Allego
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