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Steiermark is an MSP / Energy company from the Steirmark region in Austria. They charge many different rates, depending on your situation this can turn out to be very cheap or very expensive. Does not work on the Allego network anymore.

General website: Steiermark Easyflex
Issued in
Delivers to
Europe, Netherlands
Supported countries
Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands
>80% coverage in
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Between €0,04 to €0,44 per minute depending of the chargers' maximum power rate.
Type of plan
Request for free, no monthly costs.
Average price per 200kWh*
€ 49,63 (Based on 200 kWh)
Andere vermogens duur
Make sure to check wich charging station you are standing next to.
Charging advice
Card for the real professional. 11kW charging is relatively cheap.
This charge card has not support for &Charge yet
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European networks
Good for holidays
Rapid charging
Green electricity
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