OVO Charge (Bonnet Light Boost)

Charge card logo of OVO Charge (Bonnet Light Boost)
Bonnet provides you with an Smartphone app in wich you start and stop your charging sessions. They offer various subscriptions in wich they give you a discount to the default rates.
Type of plan
€ 2,00 per month, no connection fee.
Different rates per network. Discounts via boosts (bundles). You receive a 10% discount on rates for €2/month. A Bonnet Turbo Boost for €8/month is also available which gives you 15% discount.
Average price per 200kWh*
€ 124,72 (Based on 200 kWh)
European networks
Rapid charging
Fastned Ionity Allego Ladenetz
Green electricity
Charge with
Updated 4 months ago