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396/5000 eBorn is a collaboration between the different Energy Syndicates Hautes Alpes (SyME05), Ardèche (SDE07), Drôme (SDED), Isère (SEDI) en Haute Savoie (SYANE). To be able to use the charging points of eBorn you need a charging card from one of these syndicates. Technically it is the same pass. They offer various subscriptions but also a service to be able to load anonymously using your bank card or via your smartphone with QR code. (ID Charge, https://www.orios-idcharge.com)

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Unknown subscription fee, € 10,00 connection fee.
108/5000 Different price models and subscriptions. For € 10.- per year you can charge AC for € 0.24 / kWh and DC for € 0.34
Average price per 200kWh*
€ 45,00 (Based on 200 kWh)
AC Charging from €0,07
Subscription of €10,- / year minimum
Charging advice
If you incidentally need a charge on een eBorn chargepoint, you can best use a roaming card like Vandebron or Newmotion. If you plan to charge very often here, then take this subscription. The supportdesk for customers is available 24/7 on number 09 70 83 02 13 wich you can call in France.
This charge card has not support for &Charge yet
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