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Dutch card with relatively good roaming and works on all dutch charging points because of the LastMileSolutions network.

General website: Plugin Company
Issued in
Delivers to
Europe, Netherlands
Supported countries
Netherlands, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania
Best covered countries
Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands
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Request for free, no monthly costs.
Average price per 200kWh*
Price unknown
No tarrif information published. | No smartphone apps
Charging advice
Unfortunately no advice here, since we are still collecting data about this MSP.
This charge card has not support for &Charge yet
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European networks
Hubject, E-clearing, E-violin, Gireve
Good for holidays
Rapid charging
Shell-Recharge Fastned Ionity Allego Vattenfall
Green electricity
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Google play
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